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HD Series, a reliable partner.
The Hyundai HD Series bring a new dynamism and capability to the light and medium duty trucks. Tough but styilsh, comfortable and dependable, the HD series offer the perfect vehicle for the demand of the trucking business.

Tilting Cab
Servicing and regular checks are easier than ever thanks to the 50-degree tilting cab which provides quick and easy access to the engine compartment.
14:26:06: David PETIT: The extra spacious Super Cab

The extra spacious Super Cab
300 mm of extra carrying space adds a new dimension of flexibility to this class. Whether for stowage, or as rest area, it adds extra operating potential, especially for long distance operations.

Semi-Floating-Type Cab Suspension
The cab rides on two oil cushioned rubber mounts. This design innovation is one of the keys to the soft, gentle ride.

Designed to Maximize Capability and Convenience
The Hyundai HD series offer one of the safest and most ergonomic cabs available. It is not just comfortable, it works with the driver.

Power and Reliability
The Hyundai D4GA diesel engine delivers the powerful performance, combined with exceptional reliability and durability, which makes Hyundai trucks so appealing.

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