HD 700

Ready to take on heavy loads and designed for perfect business


Large platform
The large platform has easy access steps and grab handles on both sides for quick connections and disconnections. It also includes a large-sized tool box and offers protection for the fuel tank, battery and air tank.

Beyond comfort and convience
After endless hours and sometimes even days on the road, truck driving can seem like the toughest job in the world. That's why our designers and engineers set out to create the most comfortable cabins in the business. From the instrument panel to numerous storage bins, every feature in the cabin works to relieve the stress and strain of daily driving.

Outstanding Performance
The Hyundai HD700 is the right choice for customer’s needs of low fuel consumption, high payload and maximum vehicle availability in long distance transport.

Extended wheel base
The HD700 boasts a longer wheel base to reduce interference between cab and trailer when cornering as well as applying to various types of trailers, reflecting local customers’ needs.

Technical sheet

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