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Cab tilting
Along with the extensively increased cab tilting angle up to 61 ˚, the volume of the cab tilting cylinder was enlarged. Also, it allows for ease of maintenance by preventing oil leakage with the use of a protection cover on the top part while securing the volume of the tilting pump reservoir.

Ergonomic switch operation
Euro-inspired asymmetric design is an optimized layout of the display and controls. There is also a power window system, the switch panel provides easy control over windows and door locks.

Sleeper cabin bed
2,180 mm long and 800 mm wide.There is also a second floor bed in high roof cabin only and an air conditioning system with remote controllable.Bedroom lamp is also available and the LED lamp is mounted on a gooseneck to deliver light exactly where it is needed.. 

The retarder system not only reduces the maintenance cost of a vehicle but also drastically improves driving safety and brake performance by increasing the life of the brake lining by four times.

Durability (extreme low-temperature tests)
To apply powerful durability as much as possible, Xcient has completed extreme low-temperature tests in Ivalo, Finland and proved its strong power and durability.

Technical sheet

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